Mohamed Ahmed

It has been ten years since we have been part of Diyar International Private School. Even after ten years we are amazed and proud to see the development , change and progress of our children in their language, behavioral and educational skills. Diyar School is extremely transparent and accepts the views of all parents and students to serve the educational needs.

Schools in the vicinity of Dibba have benefited from Diyar school activities. Further, they have emulated and applied ideas in their schools like small Investors , public speaking, mental math, science, reading buddies and spelling bee.

There are still surprises and challenges to be made by the school and we trust them. We look forward to more development and new ideas from Diyar school.

Saeed Abdullah Alkhalawi

Diyar International School Dibba is truly an asset and necessity in our Community. The level of English and international exposure offered to our children is important for their development as world citizens. Together with their development and great progress in understanding and speaking English, Diyar School still instills the importance of our heritage and history, ensuring that each student is respected in many ways. We are really satisfied with the fact that our children can be proud Emirati students, learning an international curriculum, empowering them to be able to compete internationally and being a proud and successful representative of our community and country.

Thank you to Diyar School, Management and Teachers, for working hard to have a balanced and high level of quality education in Dibba.

Accredited by AIAA

American International Accreditation Association
of Schools and Colleges