Welcome to the Diyar Dibba campus an American curriculum school that maintains strong links with the local community and the UAE culture. Our beautiful community school nestled in a neighborhood in the city of Dibba offers an American schooling experience in an international setting.

This website will give you the basic ideas about our school. Here you will find our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards with the State of New York. We strongly emphasize the importance of education being a team effort, involving students, teachers and family members. Our classrooms offer practical active learning, and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students. We extend and enrich the educational experience of gifted and talented students and those who require special needs in the classrooms. Classrooms at Diyar Dibba are full of fun and meaningful learning activities supporting inquiry and critical thinking in all content areas. The integration of technology with iPads and laptops keep our students competitive with 21st century learning.

Our school counselors work closely with our students on university preparedness and course selection to ensure that student needs are met for university requirements and career pathways. Our goal is to meet the National Agenda and all its targets set by HH Sheikh Rashid Makhtoum and to become a proud inclusive school where every child matters. Upon MOE approval our after-school activities for our students and athletics programs will promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Students completing our academic program will be ready to move on to become future leaders of this country.

Learning is supported in all phases that includes field trips as a part of our curriculum, and events that celebrate global-minded thinking and display our learning. We welcome parent involvement in the school and you are encouraged to attend our coffee with Moms and Dads and our monthly Parent Teacher and Student Council(PTSC).

Students are active participants in planning and executing their leadership attributes through Diyar Talks and other public speaking activities.

Our robust internal and external professional development programs for our teachers assist them in meeting the needs of all learners and keeping teachers current in the new trends in educational internationally and by American standards.

At Diyar “we are a family” academically and socially. All stake holders are committed to supporting the school to provide an excellent learning experience for all learners.

My door is always open in case you want to get in touch with me to provide any suggestions, comments and or complements towards our school.

Dr. Shawn
Diyar International Private School – Dibba Campus