Fun Run

Thursday 31st of January our high school boys participated in the Fun Run event organised by our PE department in Dibba Rashidiya Park from 8.30 am to 10.30 am


Our high school boys were competing in 3 different groups:


1st race for all grades 6   distance: 2.7 km


1- Sultan Ahmad Al Khadeim 6C

2- Mohamed Ahmed 6C

3- Zayed Mohamed Al Dhaheri 6E

4- Falah Faisal 6E

5- Mohamed Khaled 6E


2nd race for grades 7 and 8  distance: 4 km


1- Hamdan Yousef 7C

2- Rashed Ahmed 7D

3- Ali Khalifa 7C

4-Khalifa Mohamed 8D

5- Mohamed Ali Rashed 7D


3rd race for grades 9,10,11,12 distance: 5.3 km


1- Abdallah Omar 12B

2- Mohamed Sultan 12B

3- Mohamed Ahmad Al Khadeim 11B

4- Salem Rashed 10B

5- Amr El Sayed 12B